In January 2019, Xiaomi officially announced the independence of Redmi. At the time, the company said Redmi will focus on affordable devices while Xiaomi will focus on flagships. However, since the independence, Xiaomi phones barely have flagship prices. The starting price of the digital series is usually between $500 and $600. This is mid-range pricing. The better selfie is the Huawei nova series Generally speaking, the cost-effective Redmi k30i, Redmi note8pro, Honor 9x Recommendations related to previous issues: A mobile phone recommendation of about 1,000 yuan (1000), and a cost-effective mobile phone purchase guide within 1,000 yuan (1000) Recommended mobile phones around 2000, 2020 (July) around 1500 to 2500 cost-effective mobile phone. Online shopping All Chinese phones and accessories.brand Chinese mobile phone, brand Cases shop and brand Mobile like: Apple,Elephone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Tech21, LG,the latest Android. Jan 18, 2021 S21 series three mobile phones priced from 4999 yuan These three mobile phones actually met with users through the global press conference last week. Today’s focus is on the price of their licensed versions. The price of S21 5g is 4999 / 5799 yuan, S21 + 5g is 7199 / 7999 yuan, and S21 ultra 5g is 9699 / 101699 yuan. Nov 15, 2019 China Mobile: 5G phones cost less than 1,500 yuan ($214) by next year The development of 5G is on a “speed-lane” and its services are reaching more people every day. However, one of the major.

OPPO’s A-series products are the main force in OPPO’s low-price segment and sinking market. After updating the higher-positioned OPPO A72 and A92 series 5G products, OPPO recently launched the lower-priced OPPO A53 5G model. Lower the price, this is also the cheapest OPPO 5G phone you can buy. Under the constraints of low prices, can OPPO A53 guarantee an excellent comprehensive experience? Let’s understand through the evaluation.

Exterior design

On the screen, OPPO A53 is equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a single-hole design in the upper left corner. The top three borders on the left and right of the screen are well controlled, and the bottom border is slightly wider, but not particularly exaggerated. The screen-to-body ratio reaches 90.5%, and the overall visual effect is good.

This LCD screen supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz, a touch sampling rate of 120Hz, and a resolution of 2400×1080, which is more common in thousands of yuan machines. Compared with ordinary screens, it is smoother, with good screen fineness, natural color effects, and simple color temperature adjustment. Although it is an LCD screen, there is no obvious dark shadow on the edge of the screen or near the hole, which will not affect the look and feel.

OPPO A53’s screen also has sunshine screen technology, 4096-level fine dimming, AI smart dimming and other blessings. The automatic dimming of the screen will be more in line with the user’s habits, and it can be better in different environments such as sunlight and darkness. Experience. In addition, OPPO A53 also supports more practical eye protection mode, dark mode, etc., which can be turned on on demand, and the experience is more complete.

Although it is a low-cost one thousand yuan machine, OPPO A53 is also very particular in terms of appearance, offering three colors of lake green, streamer purple, and secret night black. This time the evaluation machine uses the lake water green color, which is a kind of cyan green, without very complicated changing effects. You can see the changing light and shadow from different angles, which adds a sense of agility. The color of the middle frame is also the same as the color on the back, which looks very integrated.

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The OPPO A53 rear camera module is square and uses a symmetrical arrangement, which is similar to the previously launched A72 and has a certain degree of recognition.

In general, the two colors of lake green and streamer purple are very simple and fresh, and the colors are also very fashionable. I believe young people will also like them. Secret Night Black should be more low-key and calm, different from the other two color styles.

The thin and light body is one of the highlights of OPPO A53’s appearance. The thickness of the body is 7.9mm and the weight is 175g. It belongs to the thin and light camp in 5G mobile phones. The back of the fuselage adopts a 2.8D curved design, which can improve the fit of the palm when holding it. The middle frame of the mobile phone is square, and in addition to the smooth surface when holding it, it can also feel a certain edge and corners. With a small and thin body, it is easier to hold and it is not difficult to operate with one hand.

OPPO A53 supports side fingerprint recognition, the actual recognition speed is relatively fast, and it can be opened in seconds by putting the hand on it, and it is also very smooth after getting used to it. In addition, OPPO A53 also supports face recognition, it is also very convenient to use different scenes to unlock.

In other details, OPPO A53 uses Type-C interface and retains 3.5mm headphone jack.

Game performance

OPPO A53 is equipped with Dimensity 720 chip, adopts 7nm process technology, integrates 5G baseband, and supports SA/NSA dual-mode 5G. In terms of running points, the overall performance of the Dimensity 720 chip is better than that of the Snapdragon 730G. It is the star chip of the thousand yuan phone and is relatively common.

OPPO A53 uses LPDDR4X+ UFS2.1 storage combination, the whole system comes standard with 128GB storage, 4GB or 6GB memory is optional. The evaluation machine has 4GB of memory, and the daily use fluency is no problem, but if you often open more software, you can choose the 6GB larger memory version.

In the Antutu running points, the total OPPO A53 score exceeded 250,000+.

The above is only theoretical performance, we selected two games “Honor of the King” and “Peace Elite” for testing.

“Honor of Kings” under the picture quality setting with full special effects, OPPO A53’s average number of frames is 60 frames, the smoothness of the whole game is very good, various zooming moves and other operations can also be responded in time, playing “Honor of Kings” There is no problem at all.

“Peace Elite” can turn on ultra-high frame rate in balanced image quality mode. The actual game frame number is also stable, the average frame number is 39.8 frames, and there is no obvious fluctuation in the game, which can ensure stable fluency. The actual performance of OPPO A53 can actually meet the higher quality settings. If you turn on the frame limit by cracking, you can get a better experience.

OPPO A53 is equipped with ColorOS 7.2. ColorOS 7.2 has more features such as WeChat, QQ floating window reply, pop-up notification message, flashback button and other functions. These small functions can enhance the game experience and make it more convenient to play.

OPPO A53 has relatively complete 5G support, supporting SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, 4G+5G online at the same time, and any card can be used as a 5G master card. OPPO A53 is also equipped with network Smart 5G technology, which can intelligently switch between 4G and 5G according to application requirements, which can ensure the network speed experience while also improving battery life.

According to actual tests, the speed of OPPO A53 under the 5G network can easily reach the speed limit of the operator. Even if you do not activate the 5G package, you can reach the speed of 300Mbps. Downloading games in the app store can reach 35MB/s, which is still limited by the operator. Under the premise of speed. If you open a 5G package, you can get a faster network experience.

Of course, the actual experience of the 5G network is also related to the 5G signal coverage in your area. OPPO A53 already has a complete 5G network experience foundation.

Photo section

The rear OPPO A53 is a three-shot combination of 16 million main camera + 2 million macro lens + 2 million black and white portrait lens, which supports ultra-clear night scene, 100 million pixel ultra-clear image quality, portrait mode, macro mode, etc. The 16-megapixel main camera is a 1/3-inch sensor with a single pixel area of 1μm and an aperture of F/2.2. The front is an 8-megapixel lens that supports AI smart beauty.

With the optimization and blessing of OPPO’s accumulated photography algorithm for many years, the imaging effect of OPPO A53 is better adjusted. The camera will automatically turn on the AI scene enhancement function by default. In a well-lit scene, the overall look and feel of the photo is good, the photo is clear and transparent, and the colors will be brighter.

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The OPPO A53’s imaging latitude is relatively high, even in backlit or complex light scenes, you can get a good picture with hand shooting.

Turn off AI scene enhancement△

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Turn on AI scene enhancement△

Of course, you can also turn off the AI scene enhancement function, the color will be more realistic, the saturation is not so high, you can choose to turn on or off the function according to the photo scene and personal preferences.

In addition, you can also choose different filters to take photos of different styles. It also supports portrait mode and a wealth of filters to meet the needs of different scenes.

Default mode△

Night scene mode△

Don’t worry about the night shooting effect of OPPO A53. The brightness and sharpness of the photos in the default mode are not bad, and the photos have a distinct sense of hierarchy. Photo noise will be a little bit more in normal mode, but it can be solved by night scene mode.

In the night scene mode, the improvement of photo texture will be very obvious. You can clearly perceive that the purity of the photos in the night scene mode has been significantly improved, the overall brightness of the picture has also been improved, and the dark details are more abundant. In low-light or more complex environments, it is recommended to use night scene mode.

Although the overall hardware combination of OPPO A53 is not particularly eye-catching, but under OPPO’s optimization and tuning, the comprehensive camera experience of OPPO A53 can already meet the needs of daily life records and daily social network sharing.

More proofs:

Default mode△

Night scene mode△

Charging life

OPPO A53 has a built-in 4040mAh battery that supports 10W charging. We also test this part according to daily usage scenarios. The battery life includes watching 1080P videos online, brushing Weibo, Douyin, and playing games. The screen brightness is maintained at 50%.

In terms of battery life, we conducted a 3 hours battery life test, and the specific test results are shown in the figure above.

One hour of online viewing of 1080P videos consumes 8% of electricity, 30 minutes of Weibo consumes 5%, 30 minutes of Douyin consumes 5%, 30 minutes of King consumes 8%, and 30 minutes of Peace Elite consumes 9%. The final remaining power is 65%.

In this endurance test, the 90Hz high refresh rate mode is turned on throughout the test. If you value endurance performance, you can also switch to 60Hz mode or smart frame rate switching mode. The system also provides a super power saving mode, which can be turned on when going out without power, which can effectively improve battery life and play an emergency role.

The charging test starts after the mobile phone runs out of power and automatically shuts down. The power can reach 27% in 30 minutes and 54% in 60 minutes. Due to the limitation of the power of the charging head, the charging speed of OPPO A53 will not be particularly fast, but a relatively stable charging speed can be guaranteed.

to sum up

OPPO A53 is an entry-level thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone. Although OPPO A53 has reduced the configuration due to the price positioning problem, it still retains the core configuration that is important to the basic experience, and does not significantly sacrifice the user base for price reasons. Experience. High refresh rate screen, relatively excellent performance, stylish design, good camera effects, etc., all of which make OPPO A53 more competitive at the same price. The starting price of 1,299 yuan (USD $186) can greatly reduce the threshold for experiencing 5G. It is worth considering for low-budget purchasers.

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