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Click Browse and locate the USB driver folder. (The Google USB Driver is located in androidsdk extras google usbdriver.) Click Next to install the driver. Or, to upgrade an existing Android USB driver on Windows 7 and higher with the new driver: Connect your Android device to your computer's USB port. Starting in Windows 10 release 1703, IHVs that create USB Audio Class 2.0 devices having one or more jacks have the capability to describe these jacks to the in-box Audio Class 2.0 driver. The in-box driver uses the supplied jack information when handling the KSPROPERTYJACKDESCRIPTION for this device. I founded a driver that you need is the 'Usb Instant Vcd Driver Installer'. It is compatible with the Windows 7 with 64 bit, dual Core and 2 GHz processor speed. It is really easy to download it. You can find it at driverscape.com. Its size is normal (file Size 2.14). CAPTURE YOUR LIFE! Specializes in developing and distributing consumer video and audio transfer products and other consumer technology products.

.Includes the following version of of the Windows operating system: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8, 8.1, Windows server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10. Also, as Windows 8 RT is a closed system not allowing for 3rd party driver installation our Windows 8 driver will not support this variant of the OS.

USB Driver Installation for XP USB Driver Installation for Windows Vista

USB Driver Installation Instructions for Windows Vista
(For all Ross-Tech USB interfaces with a current version of VCDS)

Usb instant vcd audio driver download for windows 8

Note: These instructions are for Windows Vista only. Click here for instructions for older versions of Windows.


Usb Instant Vcd Audio Driver Download For Windows 7

  1. Download the current version of VCDS. If you have not yet downloaded VCDS, then click here to open our download page in a new window.

  2. Allow VCDS to install itself, but please do not install it in the Program Files tree!
    On Windows Vista, we strongly recommend installing VCDS in C:Ross-TechVCDS or a similar location.

  3. Plug your Ross-Tech USB Interface to your PC's USB port
    - It is not necessary to connect the interface to a car yet.

  4. The New Hardware Found Wizard should appear:

  5. On the screen above, click 'Locate and install driver software (recommended)'
    The following dialog should appear:

  6. On the screen above click 'Don't search online'
    The following dialog should appear. The name of the interface may vary.

  7. In the dialog above, click: 'I don't have the disc. Show me other options.'
    The following dialog should appear:

  8. In the dialog above, click: 'Browse my computer for driver software (advanced).'
    The following dialog should appear:

  9. In the dialog above, you can type the location where you've got the appropriate drivers and then click the [Next] button,
    or you can can click the [Browse] button and browse to it like this:

  10. On the Browse screen above, you must click the [OK] button once you've selected the correct folder.
    Once Windows Vista finds an appropriate driver, it will begin installing it and present you with the following dialog:
    Here it would seem that Microsoft has a terminology problem. This dialog appears even when we sign our drivers with a Class-3 Software Publishing Certificate from Verisign and the appropriate cross-certificate from Microsoft, which should according to all available documentation allow Windows to verify the publisher (Ross-Tech, LLC).
    We believe that the message actually means is that the drivers haven't been WHQL certified by Microsoft something which is the case because it's an expensive hassle.
    In any case, you must click on 'Install this driver software anyway'.
    Windows will then finish installing the driver and you should see a dialog like this:
    In the dialog above, simply click the [Close] button.

  11. Start VAG-COM.
    Click the [Options] button.
    Select the USB Port.
    Click the [Test] button.
    The results should look something like this:

  12. Go test on a car..;-)

Usb Instant Vcd Audio Driver Download For Windows 10

Product Information

USB Driver Installation for XP USB Driver Installation for Windows Vista

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