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The design was based on user feedback-even the format comes from those that obviously wanted quality to be brought down to the 2. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. More can be learned from the THX website, www. Please use the above table to see that your transformer is performing properly if you are having a power problem. It was obvious now that a computer sound system could sound extremely good and have power, but there were many users for whom the 4 channel system was less than ideal. The system consists of two satellites utilizing a two way design, with Klipsch MicroTractrix horns accompanied by a 3″ midrange driver.

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After doing a good amount of searching on the web about the ProMedia system I found a lot of other owners have similar and sometimes worse problems with their units such as burnt out resistors, capacitors, transistors or issues promrdia the control module.

Everything looked ok, darn. Next I removed all screws to open the access panel.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Though there is a marketing factor involved in utilizing the THX certification, there is testing and standards in place to back it up. It was obvious now that a computer sound system could sound extremely good and have power, but there were many users for whom the 4 channel system was less than ideal. Some of the new high quality personal audio systems are being produced by startup companies, and some by computer accessory companies.

It was definitely a step forward in the evolution of computer gaming speakers. Quick features that reflect the most common feedback following the v.

Klipsch ProMedia – home listening test [English]

I was missing sound from the right sided speaker!!!! Upon realizing that there was a problem with the transformer I decided to completely remove the transformer from the system and run a check to test the primary and secondary wires for resistance, again with the DMM.

If this certain transformer is promedla available you after trying the eBay route you can use different ones as long as it has they have the same exact values and are also center tapped bipolar. Go to Klipsch Home.

The fuse appeared intact to the eye and also checked fine when testing with a digital multimeter DMM. I found an excellent webpage posted by Dale Thompson that provides many electronic schematics and descriptions to explain the operation of the 2. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Computer users have complained for years about the poor quality of audio components designed to work with their machines. The sub unit, tucked away in a ported enclosure that also contains the W amplifier, contains a 6. Please use the above table to see that your transformer is performing properly if you are having a power problem.

June, The terms “multimedia” and “personal sound system” usually conjure visions of plastic speakers, exaggerated power output, one-note subwoofers, and overall sound quality rivaling a cheap clock radio. Home stereo speakers generally are not magnetically shielded, so they had to be kept away from the monitor, and the stereo components were bulky and added complexity and heat to the workspace.

After studying the schematic for the main power supply I noticed that the next step was to test the secondary transformer wires that provide lower voltage both in positive and negative relation. A search for the transformer revealed that the transformer is no longer available for purchase.

A two channel system had the potential to conquer a market much like the v.

We had our unit for about 9 years and suddenly the unit would not show any signs of life. More can be learned from the THX website, www.

This is know as a bipolar power source. What you should do is subwooferr find a broken Klipsch system for sale on eBay that matches your system promedua swap out the transformer. In addition, each satellite includes its own desktop stand. Infinite resistance was indicated on the primary wires which meant that the fuse had indeed blown. Medium density fiberboard construction MDF. In the past couple of years, several companies have begun marketing such systems. Upon testing for energy I realized that there was nothing there!

Here’s how Klipsch describes their system:. When measuring wires with the DMM probes make sure that your fingers are not touching the probes at the same time. Klipsch Audio Technologies Retail price:

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The latest version of FATXplorer is currently, released on June 9, 2015. Version History and Change Logs

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