The Imaging Source Europe Driver

Device Drivers

Product NameTypeLatest VersionLatest ReleaseContexts
Device Driver for USB CamerasZIP2.9.8August 22, 2019
Device Driver for USB 33U, 37U, 38U Cameras and DFG/HDMI ConverterEXE5.0.1November 27, 2020
Device Driver for DFK AFU420 camera seriesEXE1.5.0.69April 15, 2020
Device Driver for GigE CamerasEXE3.7.1.4512March 11, 2020
Device Driver for FireWire 800 CamerasZIP5.0.13.327March 5, 2014
Device Driver for FireWire 400 CamerasZIP4.4.0.1June 22, 2011
Device Driver for Celestron Skyris CCD cameras, powered by The Imaging SourceZIP2.7.29.1345December 19, 2014
Device Driver for Video-to-FireWire ConvertersZIP4.2.0.1February 3, 2011
Device Driver for Video-to-USB ConvertersZIP1.2.0.17August 19, 2011
Device Driver for DFG/USB2proZIP2.0.0April 28, 2020
Device Driver for DFG/HDSDIZIP2.9.5April 17, 2018
Device Driver for Frame GrabbersZIP6.3.9July 14, 2014

The Imaging Source Europe Drivers

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Product NameTypeLatest VersionLatest ReleaseContexts
IC Imaging Control C++ Class Library for C++ projectsEXE3.5.6October 27, 2020
IC Imaging Control .NET Component for C# and VB.NET projects.EXE3.5.6October 27, 2020
IC Imaging Control C LibraryEXE3.4.0.51November 23, 2017
IC 3D SDK - C, C++ library for stereo depth estimationEXE1.1August 15, 2018
IC Imaging Control ActiveXEXE3.2.0.0July 16, 2012
IC Imaging Control ActiveX Runtime SetupEXE3.2.0.0July 16, 2012

Programming Samples

Product NameTypeLatest VersionLatest ReleaseContexts
IC Barcode - 1D and 2D barcode reader for IC Imaging ControlEXE1.1.0.695January 30, 2020
IC Imaging Control - Sample LibraryZIP3.3August 21, 2014


Teledyne QImaging cameras are now part of the Teledyne Photometrics product portfolio. Sharing technology, a common software and being manufactured at the same location, Teledyne QImaging forms the CCD technology section of our scientific camera range. PIMIPISRC: This GStremer Module for the Raspberry PI 4 is a driver for The Imaging Source MIPI cameras. Installation by 'sudo apt install./tcampimipisrcnarmhf.deb'. After installation the tcampimipi source is automatically used by the tiscamera tcambin GStreamer module. In Europe, the general safety regulations do not apply the driver monitoring requirements solely on new vehicle models, but to all vehicles that will be registered in Europe (existing models. The driver IC WDM UVCCAM TIS 33U embeds USB 33U astronomy cameras, manufactured by The Imaging Source, into Windows. By deploying this driver, all 33U astronomy cameras are compatible to DirectX. Consequently, all The Imaging Source astronomy cameras can be used with all astro-photography software that is compatible to DirectX.

The imaging source europe gmbh driver
Product NameTypeLatest VersionLatest ReleaseContexts
UPDATEDTWAIN Source for IC Imaging ControlEXE3.0.0.144February 12, 2021
Cognex VisionPro AIK Plugin for IC Imaging ControlEXE3.4.2.0July 24, 2019
LabVIEW Extension for IC Imaging ControlEXE3.4.0.41September 6, 2019
IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab 10.0 R2010EXE1.1.0.0July 29, 2013
IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab R2013b and higher versionsEXE3.4.0.58November 23, 2017
IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 6.0EXE1.0.0.51September 29, 2014
IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 6.1EXE1.1.0.69May 28, 2018

End User Software

The Imaging Source Europe Driver License

Product NameTypeLatest VersionLatest ReleaseContexts
UPDATEDIC Capture - image acquisitionEXE2.5.1547.4007February 10, 2021
IC Capture.ASEXE2.4.642.2631February 9, 2017
IC Measure - manual on-screen image measurement and image acquisitionEXE2.0.0.245March 10, 2020
IC 3D - User friendly stereo calibration, depth estimation and 3D visualizationEXE1.1August 15, 2018
IC ExpressEXE1.1.0.23July 24, 2019
IC Fullscreen PresenterEXE1.0.0.0June 6, 2014
IC Line ProfilerEXE1.1.0.9August 1, 2014
Footswitch software for IC CaptureEXE1.0.0.9September 22, 2014
Scan2DocxEXE1.1.0.883February 3, 2015
Scan2Docx OCREXE1.1.0.883February 3, 2015

The Imaging Source Europe Driver Download

Software Tools

The Imaging Source Europe Drivers

Product NameTypeLatest VersionLatest ReleaseContexts
Processor Idle State ManagerEXE2.2.0.2March 12, 2014
Hot Pixel CorrectionEXE4.0.July 25, 2019
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