CES 2021 is already shaping up to be one of the most interesting events in recent memory, and TCL is here to make things even more interesting. In addition to revealing two new smartphones, with plans for more to come, along with an all-new and unique tablet, the latest announcement has the potential to turn the market on its head.

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TCL’s computers and electronics programs give you the hands-on training to succeed in today’s digital world. Get to know the field from start to finish. TCL is also promising that its 5G capabilities won't cause extra battery drain as the 20 5G can automatically swap between 4G and 5G bands to preserve battery life and give you the best connection. The TCL 10 5G UW is $399 with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM paired with the Snapdragon 765G processor. My review unit is Diamond Gray on Verizon and has the same specs listed above as there are.

TCL Wearable Display

For the past few years, TCL has been showing off some prototype smart glasses, known as Project Archery. These were thought to be not much more than prototypes, but it seems that the hard work is getting to pay off big time for the company and consumers alike.

TCL Wearable Display is a set of smart glasses that are lightweight and feature dual 1080p FHD micro OLED displays. This provides a 140-degree view from just 4 metes away, along with a Pixel density of 49 PPD. TCL states that Wearable Display will be able to be easily connected with “hundreds” of different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The only catch, so far, seems to be that you will need to use USB-C with support for 1080p resolution.


It should come as no surprise that this is nothing much more than a major teaser, as we are expecting to hear more about Wearable Display over the next few months. TCL did state that Wearable Display would be available commercially later this year in “select” markets.

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It seems that every company is releasing a new pair of headphones, and the same can now ring true for TCL. The MOVEAUDIO S600 are the latest entrant into the truly-wireless earbud market with Active Noise Cancelling and a Transparency Mode.

There’s nothing wrong with competition in the headphone space, even if the sheer number of solid options makes your head spin. The MOVEAUDIO S600 hopes to be a bit different from the rest with the inclusion of Google’s fast pairing technology, along with the built-in wearing detection sensor.

TCL claims that these headphones will provide up to 28 hours of total usage time with ANC turned off, or 20 hours with ANC turned on. Those numbers do include the charging case, as the earbuds themselves are touted as featuring up to 7-hours of juice without noise cancellation or 5 hours with ANC.

Finally, the MOVEAUDIO S600 offers IP54 water, sweat, and dust resistance, making these a solid option for those who want to get some work done, or hit the gym. These headphones will be available in March for 149€.


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While there’s a lot of talk about potential tracking tags from Samsung and Apple, TCL is beating both of them to the punch, with a catch. The TCL MOVETRACK is a pet tracker allowing users to keep an eye on their pets from anywhere. The tag provides three different tracking modes thanks to the built-in geo location tracking which uses GPS and Wi-Fi to pinpoint your pets exact location.

TCL seems to have thought about everything, as the MOVETRACK even features an “E-badge QR code”. This can be used to easily contact the owners of a pet that seems to have gotten loose or ran away. Unsurprisingly, there is IP67 water and dust resistance, along with 14-days of battery life.

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The TCL MOVETRACK will launch later this Spring in various markets for just 99€.

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After years of prototypes, TCL's Wearable Display will finally be available for purchase later this year. The company announced the news during its press conference at this year's CES.

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But rather than a clunky headset, the device comes in the form of sunglasses equipped with dual 1080p displays. When connected to a device via USB-C — such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or 2-in-1 PC — you can do things like watch movies, play video games, and read books.

Regardless of what you're casting to it, the displays mimic the effect of a 140-inch screen from 4 meters away. Even though you're tethered to a device, the shades still give you the freedom to see and hear everything around you when needed.

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I tried a prototype about two years ago while at IFA in Berlin and remember having the ability to watch a video while still comfortably taking notes on my phone and hearing conversations around me. So, even though it's an immersive experience, you can still safely wear them during commutes (like trains or flights) without being completely distracted.

Even though these sunglasses aren't the most fashionable, they're more discrete than a virtual reality headset. But I do hope to see more variety of styles in the future.

As for exact availability, TCL says the Wearable Display 'will be commercially available later this year in select markets' and more details will be available closer to the launch date.

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