Sid Meier’s SimGolf is a golf game where you do not have to actually like golf in order to enjoy it. This early 00s title was one that ignored for many years, but I really wish that I gave the game the attention it deserved back then as I have had a lot of fun with it. If you want to play a strategy game that is about building a golf game, this is the game for you.

Building A Golf Empire

The idea of the game is that you have inherited this land where a Golf course can be built, but nothing has actually been done! The game has you building a golf course from scratch and you also have a pro golfer that you can customize. The basic goal of Sid Meier’s SimGolf is to build a full golf course and a country club that people have fun with all the while making money.

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Haven’t I Seen You Before?

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With the “Sim” in the title, you will not be surprised to know that this game has a very “Sims” style to the presentation. The game is viewed from an isometric point of view and it has a very simple type of art style. This was done intentionally as the idea of this game was that even lower-end computers would be able to run it back in the day. Still, with the primitive visuals, there is a real charm to the game.The sound on the other hand flat out sucks. The music gets repetitive after about 10 minutes and it feels like you hear the same sound effects over and over again!

Golf Course Maker

Sid Meier’s SimGolf starts you off with 100 grand. You can pick from any different locations all over the world to start your golf empire. Each one will have a different terrain, Vegas for example is more dessert based and San Diego will offer you more green, Hawaii more water, and so on.

Making your course is very easy. The game has a tile base system where you need to design the holes so that they are fun to play, but also look cool. It is the kind of game that looks very, very complex, but it is actually quite easy. While the game gives you a limited amount of money at the start it is very forgiving in this regard. Making a course is just as much fun as building a house in The Sims.

Gary Golf And The Game Modes

Another part of the game has you taking care of your golfer. This part of the game has RPG elements as your golfer will get improved stats as you play. You can then enter him in competitions where you can make more money. This is a lot of fun and adds another element to the game.

As well as the main game mode, you also have a sandbox mode where you can just screw around and create a dream golf course without the worry of keeping your bank balance in the black. You can also play a tournament too, but I found this aspect of the game to be a bit underrealized in all honest.

I have to say that Sid Meier’s SimGolf is a very strange game, but it somehow works. It is the kind of game that is not going to rock your world and be super exciting the whole time you play it. However, it is a game that you just keep on playing it, it is a game that can put you in a real Zen state, and before you know it a few hours have passed. If you want to try a strategy game that is very different, I recommend you give this one a try.

Final Score


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  • The game is very addictive
  • The visuals while basic have a lot of charm to them
  • It is very easy to get into
  • The sandbox mode is fun if you want to mess around
  • It does also have RPG elements as well as strategy ones


  • The sound is pretty brutal
  • The game overall Is not all that exciting

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Overall rating: 8
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