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In computing, a device driver is a computer program that operates or controls a particular type of device that is attached to a computer or automaton. A driver provides a software interface to hardware devices, enabling operating systems and other computer programs to access hardware functions without needing to know precise details about the hardware being used. Tech & Learning is pleased to announce the winners of its 39th annual Awards of Excellence Contest. This select group represents products that are unique in the K-12 market, help schools solve specific problems, and drive innovation during a challenging time for education.

My scanner or AccelScan application is not working properly.

Product: AccelScan, Renaissance Accelerated Math

Platform: Macintosh, Windows

Last Updated: 7/23/2019


Myscanner or AccelScan application is not working properly.

Renaissance learning usb devices drivers


Your scanning problem will generally be causedby one of the following:

1) Your scanner is notbeing detected at all.

2) Your scanner is notreading the scan card properly.


Thisarticle is for the web-based version of Renaissance Accelerated Math.

Section 1 - if your scanner is not detected:

1) Be sure to use the original power supply and cord that came with yourAccelScan scanner. The power supply is labeled with the AccelScan name on oneside. Other power supplies may not have the same input and output voltagecausing unknown results with the AccelScan scanner.

The voltage is printed onthe bottom of the scanner and the AC end of the cord.

The 2110 and 2210 power cords have a 24v output

2) Make sure your scanner is plugged in and turned on (AccelScan 1100Serial only; the AccelScan 2110, 2210, and 1100 USB scanners do not have anon/off switch) and restart your computer.

3) Disable any security programs such as FoolProof, Fortres, or DeepFreeze,and log into the computer as a local Administrator user.

4) The 1100 USB scanners are not compatible with Intel-based Macintosh OS Xsystems.

5) If you are using an1100 USB scanner on a non-Intel Macintosh OS X computer, please see article #6366543 for driverinstallation information.

6) Ifyou have an older AccelScan 2110 USB scanner (shipped prior to February, 2004)and your scanner is not detected on your Windows computer, please see article #3414952.

7) Ifthe scanner preference must be set each time users log in, you might be usingActive Directory or the Novell Application Launcher/ZenWorks to copy theRenaissance scanner configuration file (AScan.ini) to eachworkstation. Either verify this file contains the correct information for thescanners you are using or remove it from the login script.

8) Ifyou are using a 2110 USB or 2210 scanner on a Macintosh OS X computer,reinstall the AccelScan application to reinstall the USB driver. If you areusing a serial scanner with a USB adapter, verify that you are using the mostrecent driver for your specific adapter.

9) Configureyour scanner preferences from within the AccelScan application. First, log intoyour Renaissance site and go to Product Administration > Download Supporting Software > Downloads. Note the IP address or name in the section, Server Name/IP Address'.

Renaissance Learning USB Devices Driver

a) Open AccelScan and log in. If you are not able to log in and the programindicates Server not responding and Problems connecting to the server,click on [Server Settings]. Delete the entry in the address line and retype theIP address or name, then click [OK] and [Retry]. Note: If you are stillnot able to log in, you must troubleshoot your client connection issue beforeattempting to detect the scanner. See KB article #10551587 formore information.

c) Select the portthat your scanner is plugged in to. For example, USB (Macintosh or Windows),devcu.USA28X1dP2.2 (Intel-based Macintosh OS X with a USB adapter). If you are using an 1100 USB scanner youwill need to select a serial or COM port. Wait for the status section to tellyou that the scanner has been detected and verified, then click [OK].

10) Delete any occurrences of the AScan.iniand Alsprefs.ini (Windows) or AScan Preferences and ALS Preferences (Macintosh)on the affected workstation. If you are on a Macintosh OS X computer and are using an1100 USB scanner, see KBarticle #6366543 to download a newpreference file. For all other operating systems and scanner types, repeat step 9 in thetop section of this article, entering the IP address or server name you notedin step 9 above. Then click [OK].

11) If the computer has more than one port,try another port. Repeat step 10.

12) If you only have one scanner, try it onanother computer. Repeat step 10 on the other computer.

13) If you have more than one scanner, tryswapping the working scanner for the one that is not working. Repeat step 10.

Renaissance Learning USB Devices Driver

14) If you have more than one scanner andhave already tried swapping scanners and are still not seeing your scannerdetected, try swapping cables from a working scanner. Repeat step 10.

Section 2 - if your scanner is detected, but does not readthe scan card:

If your scanner is not reading the card properly, you mayreceive one of the following messages when scoring cards:

There are no answers marked for the problem numbers on thisassignment.

This scan card has answers marked past the expected last answer.

The form number <form number> on this scan card has alreadybeen scored.

Assignment not found, No assignment found for: <formnumber>

Renaissance Learning Usb Devices Driver Downloads

The screen flashes briefly but continues to prompt, Insert acard into the scanner.

Follow these troubleshooting steps:

1) You shouldalways try a card for more than one student to assist in troubleshooting. Forany affected student, check within the software to be sure the form number isvalid and the assignment has not yet been scored, by clicking on the studentsname in the Assignment Book. (Accelerated Math does not allow rescoring studentwork using the scanner.) If there is not an outstanding assignment with thesame form number and same problem numbers, the assignment may have been scoredbut the TOPS report did not print, perhaps due to a printer error. View thelist of recent assignments or click the link to view all assignments. Whenyou locate the assignment, click on Reprint TOPS to preview the TOPS reportand view the date/time the assignment was completed. Click on the Adobe printicon if you would like a printed copy. If the assignment is not outstanding andis not in the list of completed assignments, it was deleted.

2) If there is anoutstanding assignment of the same type, but with different problem numbers orperhaps a different form number, click the Reprint link to generate a copy.If the original copy was misplaced, you may want to choose Same Problems asthe Original Assignment. That way, if the original assignment is located andthe student uses that one, he/she will still receive appropriate credit.

3) The form numberbubbled in on the scan card should not be preceded with or followed by zeros.Bubble in only the exact form number listed on the student assignment beginningon the left side of the card. If the form number is not filled in correctly,you may receive the message that the assignment has already been scored orcannot be found. If the form number is not bubbled in at all, students will seethe message:

No assignment found for: 0

This may also indicate studentsare scanning the wrong side of the card. If you are using an 1100 USB scanner,instruct students to scan their cards face down. For all other scannertypes, insert the cards face up.

4) Clean your scanner. You should clean your AccelScan 1100 serial scannertwice a month for high-use readers or once a month for low-use readers.Cleaning cards for the 1100 serial scanner are no longer available forpurchase. Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe a scan cardwith it (do not saturate the card) and run it through the scanner. TheAccelScan 2110, 2210, and 1100 USB scanners cannot be cleaned using rubbingalcohol or any other liquid. Simply open the scanner and wipe the lens cleanwith a dry cloth or tissue.

5) If you have anAccelScan 1100 serial scanner, turn the scanner off and then back on.

6) If you have an olderAccelScan 2110 USB scanner (shipped prior to February, 2004) and your scanneris plugged into the back of a Macintosh G3 tower, please see article #3414952.

7) Edit the scanner settings in your Renaissance AccelScanapplication and change the sensitivity. Try setting the sensitivity to more orless sensitive.

Renaissance Learning USB Devices Driver

8) Verify that you areusing the appropriate scan cards.

Accelerated Math has two types of scan cards.The original Accelerated Math cards used distracters A through E and had theForm Number written vertically. The newer style cards have distracters Athrough D and have the Form Number written horizontally. In the web-based version of Accelerated Math, you can only use the newer style of cards.

9) If you have verifiedyou are using the appropriate cards, copy the information from the cardreceiving the message to another card from the same pack.

10) If storage conditions are less thanideal, try a card from a new pack.

11) Delete any occurrences of the AScan.ini(Windows) or AScan Preferences (Macintosh) on the affected workstation. If you are on aMacintosh OS X computer and are using an 1100 USB scanner, see KB article #6366543 to download a newpreference file. For all other operating systems and scanner types, follow step 9 in thetop section of this article.

12) Scan the card in Diagnostic mode.Open AccelScan and before logging in, click on File, then Diagnostic mode.Insert a blank card or a card that is filled out into the scanner. When yourscanner is reading cards properly the program will indicate the assignmentscored successfully with the following results:


Renaissance Learning Usb Devices Driver Free

Assessment: Diagnostic Assessment

Grade: 5

Renaissance Learning Usb Devices Driver Download

You cannot score student work in Diagnostic mode. To scanstudent assignments, log out, take AccelScan out of Diagnostic mode, and logback in.

If you need further assistance please contact Technical Support at [email protected]

Keywords:5541985, zero, ZKBError; ZKBClientServer, RenaissancePlacePlatform, RenaissanceGrowthPlatform, Accelscan

AccelScan, Renaissance Accelerated Math are trademarks of Renaissance Learning, Inc. and its subsidiaries, registered, common law, or pending registration in the United States and other countries.

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Renaissance Learning Usb Devices Drivers

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