Flow Control: None I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the COM driver, tried powering through an external hub as I've read that could sometimes cause this issue. I'm using Mission Planner 1.2.64 mav 1.0, Arducopter 3.0.1 Y6, through a Parallels Desktop Win7 64-bit virtual machine on my latest gen Macbook Pro. Works with all vehicle types supported by PX4 Pro and ArduPilot (multi-rotor, fixed-wing, VTOL, etc.) Documentation Simple user and developer documentation makes QGroundControl easy to use and customise. PX4 is the Professional Autopilot. Developed by world-class developers from industry and academia, and supported by an active world wide community, it powers all kinds of vehicles from racing and cargo drones through to ground vehicles and submersibles. Windows Fast RTPS installation. PX4 Architectural Overview. S.Bus Driver for Linux.

PX4 is used in a wide range of use-cases, from consumer drones to industrial applications. It is also the leading research platform for drones and has been successfully applied to under water vehicles and boats.

PX4 is an open source flight control software for drones and other unmanned vehicles. The project provides a flexible set of tools for drone developers to share technologies to create tailored solutions for drone applications. PX4 provides a standard to deliver drone hardware support and software stack, allowing an ecosystem to build and maintain hardware and software in a scalable way.

Drone development is complicated, and how to get started can be daunting and hard to navigate. These tutorials and resources provide a walkthrough of the basics of PX4.

There are a number of ways you can set up a Windows development toolchain for PX4. Depending on what option you choose these allow you to build for NuttX/Pixhawk and jMAVSim simulator targets.

The Windows toolchains are not officially supported (and we discourage their use). Depending on the option you choose they might be slow and not support all targets. Some options also cannot run the standard robotics software packages many developers use to prototype computer vision and navigation.

We recommend using Ubuntu Linux for development. Consider setting up a dual-boot setup next to your existing Windows installation.

Cygwin ToolchainVirtual Machine ToolchainBash on Windows ToolchainMsys Toolchain
InstallationMSI installer or ScriptManual (Hard)ScriptNSIS Installer
Native binary executionyesnonoyes
ARM Targets++ (quick)+ (VM USB)+- (broken)
Simulation jMAVSim++++--
Simulation gazebo- (not yet)+ (slow)+ (slow)--
Support+++ (Linux)+/---
  • New in 2018
  • Slim setup
  • Portable
  • Full Linux features
  • CPU & RAM intensive
  • Disk space intensive
  • Official Microsoft solution
  • Windows 10 only
  • Essentially a VM
  • No support
  • No documentation
  • No simulation

Ground Control Software


Download and install the QGroundControl Daily Build.

Editor / IDE

The development team often use:

  • Visual Studio Code: quite new, popular open source IDE
  • Eclipse for C/C++: very feature rich Java based IDE
  • Sublime Text: a fast and lean text editor.
  • Qt Creator: A popular open-source IDE.
PX4 FLOW (COM14) Driver Download For Windows 10

On linux the installation scripts automatically install Qt Creator as part of the common dependencies. You can launch it by entering qtcreator in a bash terminal.

Px4 Flow (com14) Driver Download For Windows 10 32-bit

Next Steps

Px4 Flow (com14) Driver Download For Windows 10 7

Once you have finished setting up the environment, continue to the build instructions.

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