Our Network solutions give your business a powerful, intelligent, virtual private network and dedicated Internet connectivity that connect you with your stakeholders and resources, locally and abroad. It provides a secure and reliable network, which intelligently optimises your wide area communications and business applications. (Editor's Note: Happy Valentine's Day from The Inquirer and Mirror. Here is the full version of Sarah Leah Chase's 'Good Dish' column from this week's issue. To read more of Chase's columns.

Whether you have an idea or an MVP, inQ Innovation can scale your vision into a global sustainable business.

We induct around 20 startups across the world to join our mentor driven, goal oriented virtual acceleration program, with potential business and investment opportunities and access to over 200 Advisors and Mentors across the world.


Inducted Companies

Since 2017, inQ has accomodated over 48 idea stage and growth stage startups



Business Deals

Deals across Australia, India and US with companies as well as local and central Govt.




Reach a network of over 500 investors and get a chance to pitch your business at different stages of the acceleration process.


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Participate in Events, Workshops, Bootcamps conducted by Government Bodies, Industry Veterans to gain insights and get your startup enterprise ready.

As a part of our network, companies get access to a lot of

We firmly believe Founders have a lot on their plate and they end up creating bigger goals without any validation. Our mentor pool understands this very well and inQ will match your company with 5 best suited mentors who can not only guide you into building a scalable product, but also create sustainable short term goals which can be validated easily.

As a part of our deep dive, we let the mentors look at the product and technology from other angles as well and find more growth opportunities for the companies. This may in turn lead to more traction and new objectives for the company.

With our network of connections with Government bodies, Corporates and the startup ecosystem, we match the founders with the right companies that can help their growth.

At inQ, we don’t believe in a single demo day at the end of the Acceleration. To be truly agile and conform to Business Driven Development, we like to see progress every 2 weeks with a demo day in front of Corporates and Investors,

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