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A bad hard drive cable. If the recommendations above are attempted, and you are still encountering the same issue, the cable connecting the hard drive may be bad. Replace this cable with a known good cable. If you continue to experience the same issues, the hard drive may be bad. We recommend the drive be replaced.

It's strange that the 'inactive' disk-controller is still working, such that you can re-format and/or reset the MBR, but not working well-enough to install anything. Enter BIOS SETUP, and look through the various menus, looking for 'enable/disable' settings for various components, especially a disk-controller (there may be more than one disk. In order to read the hard drive, Windows must have the motherboard storage controller drivers, unlike the BIOS setup. Windows setup usually loads all the hard disk drivers but if your motherboard was unveiled after the release of Windows 7, then there is a likelihood that your drivers are not loaded hence the hard disk cannot be detected.

1. Abbreviated as HDC, the hard disk controller is a circuit that enables a computer to read and write information to a hard drive. The HDC also acts as a bus, connecting the hard disk to the rest of the computer's components. Today, hard drives have the controller built on them, usually a circuit board covering the bottom or on the back portion of the drive.


SATA Controller mode was set incorrectly (with incorrect drive mode, the very disk cannot be used normally). Solutions Solution 1. Remove Hard Disk Protection. For the first situation, please read the specification or contact a sales person to confirm whether there is hard disk protection if the computer is not configured by ourselves. It is not possible to rebuild RAID 0 (striped) configurations. In a striped RAID configuration, data is split between the two hard disk drives. If one hard disk drive stops working, you cannot retrieve the data. It is critical to create recovery discs and have a strategy for backing up data in case issues arise.

In the laptop hard drive picture, the bottom of the drive has a circuit board, which contains the hard disk controller.

Early hard disk controllers

With early hard drives, the hard disk controller was a separate expansion card, and the hard drive connected to that card. For a computer to communicate with these computer hard drives, it would communicate with the expansion card, which would then communicate and control the hard drive.

Drivers Via Hard Disk Controller Gamepad

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Drivers Via Hard Disk Controller Download

2. The term hdc is also the device name for the primary ATA device on the second channel. For example, hdc1 indicates the first partition on the primary ATA device.

Drivers Via Hard Disk Controller Usb

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