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If you have a full disk & partitions backup created by Seagate DiscWizard, then this should contain all your Windows OS, applications and user data, so you should not need to do a new install of Windows 10, reinstall drivers etc. Next, True Image refused to find the drivers, even though I pointed the loader dashboard to the drivers on the new HDD. Acronis True Image WD Edition / Seagate DiscWizard. Hard drive makers Seagate and Western Digital both have a cut down and slightly older version of Acronis True Image available to use for free, provided you have an internal or external hard drive from that manufacturer connected.

I receive the following error when trying to recover a four-month old tib image.
'This is not the last volume of the back-up archive'
It actually is the last FULL image. There are no differential, or incremental back-up images as none were made. No settings were made for differential or incremental back-ups.

This is a hard failure as no options are available and recovery will not proceed further.

Because of this error, I am not able to recover my computer.

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This should resolve the issue. See this post:

You'll most likely need to close Acronis and shutdown the 4 Acronis services first though...

'If you're having the 'Please locate the last volume...' issue when opening backups in Windows Explorer - try deleting all the files in C:Users[your_username]AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgramDataAcronisTrueImageHomeDatabase '

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Sorry, this didn't work for me. I am booting from the Acronis CD-Rom, so what the installed program has should not make a difference.

Any other ideas?


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Drivers Seagate Discwizard Image Backup Archive Explorer Version

You should contact Acronis Support with this issue. Recovery issues are not subject to the 30 day support policy so you have support for instances such as this.

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Bummer it didn't work. Agreed with Enchantec. Since this is a covered restore scenario, direct tech support is the way to go for this one.

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