© Leslie Schick Leslie Schick's Nissan Maxima on the side of the road after the hood flew up while her son was driving it on the Mass. Turnpike.

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Nedim Arapi was behind the wheel of his mother's Nissan driving on the Massachusetts Turnpike when, without warning, the hood flew up.

'At first it went all the way up and it went almost over the car. And then it came down a little bit,' Arapi said. 'What are the chances? It was insane.'

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Nedim, 18, and his friends pulled over, and, fortunately, everyone was okay. But his mother was understandably shaken up.

© WCVB The hood latch from Schick's 2012 Nissan Maxima that apparently malfunctioned.

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'It was a shock. I mean, obviously, it could have ended very, very badly. It was very scary,' said Leslie Schick said about her 2012 Maxima and what appeared to be a malfunctioning hood latch.

Schick called Nissan.

'The deal they offered was an inspection in six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, of course, we can't have the car fixed. I asked whether they could provide us with a loaner or some alternate means of transportation. They said, 'No.'

'Finally, she said, 'Well, you know, I have to put down something. I'm putting down that you're refusing the inspection.' So I said, 'No, I contacted you for an inspection. I want the inspection. I just can't wait that long.'

After learning that Nissan recalled 1.8 million Altimas in June because of a 'hood latch release issue,' Schick posted the video of her son's incident on social media. Nissan reached out again.

Drivers schick others help© WCVB Deirdre Cummings, legislative director for MassPIRG, or the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, said the automaker's response was 'unacceptable.'

'They told me to follow the advice of my specialist, which is the woman who had called me previously, and wait six to eight weeks, exactly the same deal. I objected. No response,' she said.

Deirdre Cummings, legislative director for MassPIRG, or the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, said the automaker's response was 'unacceptable.'

'We can't park our car for two months and not use it. So if that was going to be their response, they should immediately followed up with, 'And we'll give you a loaner car.'

At first Nissan told 5 Investigates that it let the owner know that 'rental vehicle charges would be reimbursed.'

But the automaker later backtracked, telling us, 'We regret that communications with Ms. Schick on the possibility of rental reimbursement with an allowed claim may not have met Nissan's standards. Nissan is reviewing this issue internally.'

The company went on to say: 'The Maxima hood latch and release system is different from that in the previously recalled Altima vehicles.'

Schick ended up getting the latch fixed on her own but held onto the old one in case Nissan wants to inspect it.

Sean Kane, president of Safety Research and Strategies, which investigates and analyzes injuries associated with motor vehicles, also looked at pictures of the hood latch from Schick's Nissan.

© Leslie Schick A still from the video of the hood flying up on Leslie Schick's Nissan Maxima while her son was driving it on the Mass. Turnpike.

'The whole thing looks kind of rusty,' he told 5 Investigates. 'Looking at the photographs of the Maxima, there's obviously corrosion on the latch. It does appear somewhat consistent with what we've seen in the Altima problem.'

The only other similar complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also occurred in Massachusetts in February on a 2010 Maxima, where the hood flew off while driving down the highway.

© WCVB Leslie Schick asked Nissan for a replacement car while they investigated what happened to her Maxima's hood.

Kane said that raises some red flags.

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'Certainly one would expect that Nissan would want to go out of the way to go examine the vehicle and any vehicle that is having a similar problem, especially because it's coming from the same plant of manufacturing,' he said.

© WCVB Nedim Arapi was driving his mother's Nissan Maxima when the hood flew up.

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Nissan is now agreeing to review the matter further. The family will be giving the latch that malfunctioned to the company for an inspection.

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'I'm much more upset about the fact that they could have had people killed in their car, that is, not does not have a recall. I'm telling them that there were kids in the car. I'm telling them I have a video. All I want is an inspection so other people don't go through this,' Schick said.


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