New in SRS HD Audio Lab (formerly SRS Audio Sandbox) Made a single combined installer for 32 and 64 bit. Fixed bug where the audio would crash after 6 hours of playback. Find SRS Labs software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web.

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SRS Audio Essentials provides audio mixing tools that can perform a number of professional tasks, and it has the ability to enhance sound to its peak quality.

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This app comes with six preset modes for generating content, including gaming, movies, audio, on-board speakers, headphones, and external speakers. Each setting is meant to provide those particular mediums with the most adequate sound quality tailored to the technology, and they actually work quite well.

Download Srs Labs Drivers

The controls are exceptionally easy to use, and they provide a real connection with every option available in the app. It is possible to customize the treble, bass, and sound dimension sliders in the full version, and there is also a simulated 5.1 surround sound setting that is compatible with most video.

SRS Audio Essentials provides a much wider spectrum and a more vivid sound that most other similar pieces of software, including the popular Realtek HD Audio software. When compared side by side, SRS Audio Essentials performed at a much greater rate.

Compared to the industry standard video players, including Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic Home Cinema, SRS Audio Essentials wins out again. The app is already compatible with Windows Media Player, but Media Player Classic Home Cinema must be configured to work with the software. When comparing HD video content through both SRS Audio Essentials and Realtel HD Audio using these video players, SRS Audio Essentials still performed much better.

Unfortunately, the preset settings don't seem to port well to the music associated with video playback. Some cracking can be heard when certain songs are played, and that issue doesn't seem to be resolved by changing any settings or adjusting any options.

When using the app to watch a movie that is heavy on the dialogue, SRS Audio Essentials performs very well. It even has the ability to create a slight surround sound effect thanks to the powerful tools inside the app. The app creates virtual surround sound in video formats that don't have native surround sound.


When testing a video game that includes both dialogue and heavy music, SRS Audio Essentials still outperformed Realtek HD Audio. Games that run through SRS Audio Essentials receive a noticeable boost to their playability as the sound is increased to its best possible level. The music is a widely important aspect of a video game, so impressive audio is a great selling point.

Users that are working with a system without a dedicated sound card should certainly considered taking advantage of the incredible mixing power of SRS Audio Essentials. It performs exceedingly well at all the areas it claims to thrive, including gaming, movies, and music. The results have been proven compared to other popular options in the audio mixing and editing arena, and SRS Audio Essentials came out on top.

Download Srs Labs DriverPros
  • Supports Most Media Apps
  • Excellent Controls
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Requires Reconfiguration w/ Media Players
  • Audio Cracking w/ Music-Based Video
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