For most devices, the Ports device setup class and the Serial function driver provide the functionality required to operate serial ports and COM ports. To install serial ports and COM ports using these system-supplied components, do the following:

Download Cinterion Wireless Modules Port Devices driverDriver
  • Provide an INF file that specifies the Ports device setup class and the Serial function driver as the service for the port.

  • To configure a serial port as COM port, comply with the requirements that are defined in Configuration of COM Ports.

Gemalto Cinterion PHS8 HSPA+ cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) module offers a smart solution for wireless connectivity today and in the future. With the latest HSPA+ technology, PHS8 is optimized for high bandwidth and allows speeds up to 14.4 Mbps for downlink and 5.7 Mbps for uplink. I've even tried installing a driver that it is working on windows XP (BGS2 5.1.1234.4 by Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH) but nothing. I've also contacted Cinterion and got a reply from Mr. Staffa who, after a quick check, asked me to write on this forum sure that I could get a fast support. . Download and extract the virtual COM port (VCP) driver. The virtual COM port (VCP) driver will cause the Starter Kit B80 - connected to a PC via USB - to appear as an additional COM port available on the PC. For details on the USB-to-UART bridge see Chapter 4. The VCP driver can be downloaded free of ch arge from Future Technology Devices.


For more information about installing serial ports and COM ports using the Ports device setup class and the Serial function driver, see the following topics:

If you do a custom installation of a COM port, you must comply with the COM port requirements that are defined in Configuration of COM Ports.

Download cinterion wireless modules port devices driver updater

Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. Micromax Technology and our partners are at the forefront of developing Internet of Things (IoT)/M2M capabilities that are improving and simplifying the way you do business.

Micromax Technology offers a broad portfolio of solutions, services and platforms that enable M2M and IoT applications and allow enterprises and people to trust in our connected world. We offer the technology bricks customers need to simplify and speed development and ensure the security, reliability and long life of M2M and IoT solutions.

Wireless sensor node for IoT applications – Advantech Wzzard™

The Wzzard wireless sensor platform an easy and affordable solution to enable monitoring in remote and demanding locations. Watch the video below to learn more about this industry-changing solution.

M2M Modules and Terminals

Download Cinterion Wireless Modules Port Devices Driver Windows 7

We provide a broad portfolio of Cinterion M2M Modules and Terminals enable always-on cellular communications for virtually any IoT or M2M application. Their rugged design, unparalleled engineering and manufacturing standards make them reliable in the most extreme environments and over the long life of your M2M solution.

Download Cinterion Wireless Modules Port Devices Driver Windows 10

Offered for all cellular technology standards including CDMA, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, LTE and beyond, Cinterion modules and terminals provide voice, high speed data and IP-based wireless communications with seamless global roaming. Our modules can be customised to suit the specific communications needs of your application by integrating innovative technologies such as Java™, GPS/GLONASS, SL Agent, SIM Access Profile and more. FTA and local network operator certifications ensure a swift approval process and all products comply with RoHS and WEEE environmental regulations for compliance with legislative directives. Our automotive products meet ISO TS 16949 quality benchmarks for automotive excellence.

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