ADLINK digital I/O cards feature TTL I/O, isolated I/O, relay output, and timer/counter, and supports up to 256-CH high-density on a single board, making them suitable for I/O status monitoring and ON/OFF control applications. Refine your results. ADLINK PXI Platform Services (APPS) Software framework services and drivers fully support PXI-2 and PXI-6 software specifications.

Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TB-16P8R/12-01
CategoryEmbedded Solutions => Engineering Tools => Embedded Processor Development Tools => Daughter Cards & OEM Boards
TitleDaughter Cards & OEM Boards 16CH OPTO-ISOLATED IN 8 RELAY
DescriptionADLINK Technology PCI-7200 Series PCI Digital I/O Cards include 8-CH, 16-CH, 24-CH, 32-CH, 48-CH, and 96-CH digital input/output (DIO) peripheral component interconnect (PCI) cards. The PCI-7200 12MB/s High-Speed 32-CH DI & 32-CH DO Cards offer high-performance designs and state-of-the-art technology, making these cards suitable for high-speed data transfer and pattern generation applications. The PCI-7250/7251 8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH Isolated DI Cards feature nonpolarity, optically isolated digital input channels, and may be set to use RC filter or not, making them suitable for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments. The PCI-7230 32-CH Isolated DIO Cards provide a 2,500V optical isolation protection and a wide input range for easy sensing of the status of external devices. The PCI-7296/7248/7224 96/48/24-CH Opto-22 Compatible DIO Cards feature header connectors that are fully compatible with industry Opto-22 standard, so that they can utilize the Opto-22 external devices. And the PCI-7256 16-CH Latching Relay Outputs & 16-CH Isolated DI Card offers the advantage of power saving and features unchanged status even when the system power is turned off, so that the PCI-7256 is suitable for critical applications which need to keep output status when fault conditions happen. Learn more
CompanyADLINK Technology
DatasheetDownload TB-16P8R/12-01 Datasheet
ManufacturerADLINK Technology
ProductTerminal Boards
For Use WithACL-10150
Description/FunctionTerminal Board with 16-CH Isolated DI & 8-CH Relay Outputs
Dimensions220 mm x 132 mm x 22 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 60 C
Minimum Operating Temperature0 C
Operating Supply Voltage5 V, 12 V
Features, Applications

Terminal Board with 16-CH Isolated & 8-CH Relay Outputs

Number of Isolated DI Channels: 16 Number of Relay Output Channels: 8 LED Indicators for Input and Output Status: Electronics Characteristics of Isolated DI: Electronics Characteristics of Relay Outputs: I/O Connector: 50-pin ribbon male Operating Temperature: to +60°C Storage Temperature: to +80°C Relative Humidity: to 95%, non-condensing Power Requirements: 40 mA maximum 100 mA maximum

TB-16P8R/12-01 Terminal board with 16-CH isolated & 8-CH relay outputs TB-16P8R/24-01 Terminal board with 16-CH isolated & 8-CH relay outputs Accessory Mating Cable ACL-10150: 50-pin flat cable

Contact your sales representative for cable length options.

16-CH isolated digital inputs Non-polarity digital input range Isolated input voltage V 5000 VRMS optical isolation Jumper configurable for voltage input or dry contact input mode 8-CH single-pole double-throw (SPDT form C) relays Maximum switching voltage 220 VDC/250 VAC Maximum switching current to 2 ADC/AC Onboard relay driver circuitry LED indicators for both input and relay status Screw terminals for easy field wiring


Order additional adapter kits to convert 3U PXI/CompactPCI cards to 6U size to fit in with 6U PXI/CompactPCI systems.

SCSI-100/6U Panel w/FRP 6U adapter for 3U DAQ/DIO PXI/CompactPCI cards with 100-pin SCSI-II connector Compliant with cPCI-9116 series, cPCI-9112 series, cPCI-7432/7433/7434, cPCI-7248, and cPCI-8554 series DB-37/62 6U Panel w/FRP 6U adapter for 3U DAQ/DIO PXI/CompactPCI cards with 37-pin/62-pin D-Sub connector Compliant with cPCI-6208/6216 series, cPCI-7230, and 6U/Panel 6U adapter for 3U PXI-20XX/25XX cards with single 68-pin SCSI-VHDCI connector Compliant with PXI-2000 series, and PXI-2500 series PXI-22XX 6U/Panel w/FRP 6U adapter for 3U PXI-22XX cards with dual 68-pin SCSI-VHDCI connectors Compliant with PXI-2200 series, and PXI-2208

Updated 2012. ©2012 ADLINK Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All specifications are subject to change without further notice.

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PCI-7251 ADLINK Technology PCI-7200 Series PCI Digital I/O Cards include 8-CH, 16-CH, 24-CH, 32-CH, 48-CH, and 96-CH digital input/output (DIO) peripheral component interconnect (PCI) cards. The PCI-7200 12MB/s
PCI-7442 ADLINK Technology PCI-7400 Series PCI Digital I/O Cards include 64-CH and 128-CH digital input/output (DIO) peripheral component interconnect (PCI) cards. The PCI-7432 64-CH Isolated Digital I/O Cards

ADLINK's new Matrix MXE-5400 series of rugged designed quad-core fanless computers feature the latest 4th generation Intel® Core i7-4700EQ. It delivers outstanding processor performance with minimum


ADLINK's IMX-3000 delivers an industrial handheld computer, featuring the Android 4.0 operating system and a compact housing for easy transport. Near Field Communication (NFC), a barcode scanner, and 3G/WLAN

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CBPROG-DONGLE : Programmers - Universal & Memory Based Field Programmable Dongle. Silicon Labs Clock BuilderPRO Field Programmer Kit is a new generation timing device configuration & development tool. The Clock BuilderPRO kit targets the Si538x family of timing devices. Streamline the development process from configuration creation to EVB testing. s: Manufacturer:.

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eRIC9-BOB : Daughter Cards & OEM Boards Euro/US 868/915MHz BoB 67x20x5mm. LPRS easy Radio Intelligent Controller (eRIC) transceiver module is based on the TI CC430F5137 System on Chip (SoC) and operates in the ISM frequency bands. The eRIC transceiver modules provides an intelligent radio sub-system that combines an RF transceiver, RF bandpass filters, an MSP430.

112103-5001 : Interface Modules IO-LINK DIGITAL HUB IP67;12I/4O;PNP. Molex Brad® PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO Modules bring versatility and cost-effectiveness to complex system designs through PROFINET controllers. Brad PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO Modules serve plant-floor and harsh industrial applications. These IP67-rated IO modules eliminate ingress of dust and light.

S32K144EVB-Q100X : Development Boards & Kits - ARM S32K144 EVB Board. NXP Semiconductors S32K144EVB Evaluation Board provides a powerful and flexible development system for the NXP S32K144 Microcontroller (MCU). The S32K144EVB test headers, CAN and LIN communication Bus, user buttons, a potentiometer, touch electrodes, and a premounted S32K144 MCU. The S32K144EVB comes.

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