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Create your own MULTI-OEM Windows XP DVD…

I am sure all of you would would like to own a MULTI-OEM XP DVD which when you insert into an OEM Computer which has got SLP 1 strings in its bios will get activated automatically…Well that’s what we are going to achieve after following these very easy steps..It took lots of trial and error and after lots of testing,I have come up with this method..So please do reply if you were successful with this method or not.This method will pre-activate all the following brands of pc’s which have these “SLP 1 strings”Download actebis sam full in their bios….
SLP StringsCRC Values
[AcerSystem] 717B6EF3
[TravelMate] 700A8481
[Acer TravelMate] 700A8481
[Actebis:SAM#451B] 9433FB11
[alienware] CE524ABD
[americanfuture] DF5C0058
[AMOI Electronics CO.,Ltd] 3A887CB8
[ATComputers] 9561A0BA
[BenQHub] B55014F0
[Brain Technology] BF5F3D34
[Channel Partner Solutions] 9271294A
[Dell System] B6F0EEFD
[Dell Computer] B6F0EEFD
[Dell Inc] B6F0EEFD
[Dell Quanta] 87870F5A
[DIXONSXP] 221C8416
[emaxs] 4E00A936
[EPSON] 74163373
[Equus] 0D59FC53
[Equus Computer Systems] 0D59FC53
[eveshamvale] A093BD92
[eveshamvale1] A093BD92
[eveshamvale2] A093BD92
[Founder PC] 3A0C0121
[Gatewa] A04597C6
[Gateway] C86378C7
[HaierComputer] A94BE5ED
[HYRICAN] BB343342
[LENOVO] 5237B729
[LG Electronics] 8D3A3465
[] 36EDE356
[Itautec] B489FBF9
[JVC_MPXP] B3F88133
[K-Systems] E39B6289
[INVENTEC] 0F173609
[Lan Plus] FDAA5E8B
[LEGEND Dragon] 7B06BD13
[MAXDATA] 608BC835
[MEI_CF] 89799F58
[Windows_Virtual_XP_F9161D8E7FCC11DDBFAA369856D8959 3] B4FFCA38
[Mitsubishi] 71631112
[MCJ Co,.Ltd] DEBD653E
[MSI-PenNote] CDB82950
[MSI-2831-MS] CDB82950
[MSI-PC] CDB82950
[MSI-Notebook] E0A0735C
[MSI-Desktop] E0A0735C
[powerspec] AA944D37
[WinBook] AA944D37
[NECC1] 678752DC
[NECc_] 678752DC
[NECC] E32D3612
[NEC-PC] E32D3612
[NEC Computers] E32D3612
[NEC_Product] E32D3612
[Optima] 1EBD4D64
[Optimaxp] 1EBD4D64
[Optimapc] 1EBD4D64
[OQO Inc/Zepto/(jja)] 458AE2C4
[RM plc] DEE9D7D9
[Research Machines] DEE9D7D9
[RMplc] DEE9D7D9
[RoverBook] 26B94220
[Seanix] B7FC8D93
[Seneca] 6A8B62B9
[Shanda] 904CF15A
[SHARP] 8432EB94
[Shuttle] DB234D65
[Sony Corporation] 376E13C7
[SOTEC] E0766DE2
[synnex] 6EBE3B48
[Synnex] 6EBE3B48
[SNC302EEH] 9509CAD5
[SYSFIC] 15367043
[Tarox] 3B7A0685
[Tektronix] 44A210FB
[TCL123] D99F7B12
[Time Computers] 7EB9D890
[Time Computer] 7EB9D890
[ViewSonic-PC] 6D264FD2
[ViewSonic-Notebook] 6D264FD2
[ViewSonic-AIOpc] 6D264FD2
[ViewSonic-Desktop] 6D264FD2
[vpr Matrix] 5D99A970
[wortmann] 515F564A
[ASUSTeK Pegasus] 2411858C
[ASUS_FLASH] 2411858C
[Hitachi] BE5CE5BD
[hitachi] BE5CE5BD
[Compaq] CD4E1902
[Hewlett] CD4E1902
To check whether your system has these slp strings in your bios or not,you can use “OEMBIOS tool (v1.1)”..Just run it on your system and it will tell you whether you have slp strings in your bios or not.If you have slp strings in your bios,it will give its “CRC Value” as well as the “SLP String” in your Bios.
• Windows Xp Oem untouched iso’s (XP-Pro,XP-Home,XP-MediaCentre and XP-64Bit)
• Iso Editing utilities such as Ultra iso or Magic iso or any other similar softwares for editing the iso files..

Steps To do:

1. First of all get yourself untouched iso images of XP-Pro,XP-Home,XP-MediaCentre and XP-64bit versions and if you don’t have one then you can easily convert your retail or VLK versions into OEM version by following THIS thread.
2. Download “WinXP_MULTIOEM.rar” from the following link and extract the files into a folder on your desktop.
Download LINK:
3. Download all the relevant “Uncompressed Oembios Filesets” from the “Oem Bios Archive” from HERE. i.e,download all the oembios filesets and put them in their respective folders in the “OEM” folder in the “WinXP_MULTIOEM” folder you just extracted on your desktop.You have to match the CRC values of the OEM filesets with the foldernames of the folders in the “OEM” folders..
For Example: If you have “ACERSYSTEM” in your bios then its CRC value is “717B6EF3”,so you just download the uncompressed “Acer-717B6EF3” from the archive and then extract only the Oembiosfiles into “717B6EF3” folder in the “OEM” folder in the extracted “WinXP_MULTIOEM” folder.Similarly download all the Other files and put them in their respective folder in the “OEM” folder.
4. There are four folder in your extracted “WinXP_MULTIOEM”..
• XP64
Each of these folders contain “oemscan.ini” file.Now if you are creating an XP Professional MULTI OEM,then copy the “oemscan.ini” file from “XP_Pro” folder into the “OEM” folder in the “WinXP_MULTIOEM”.Similarly if you are making other versions of XP MULTI OEM,then copy their “oemscan.ini” into the “OEM” folder.You can also edit the “oemscan.ini” and keep only those relevant line whose DVD you want to make and delete the other lines.Sam
5. Open your untouched “Windows XP” iso’s with the help of Ultraiso or any other iso editing utility.
6. Now copy the “OEM” folder from the Extracted “WinXP_MULTIOEM” folder on your desktop where you have just put all the Oembios filesets to the root of your Windows XP iso..
7. Also copy the “WINNT.SIF” file from “WinXP_MULTIOEM” that is their on your desktop to “I386” folder in your iso i.e, “I386WINNT.SIF”
8. Now just save this edited Windows XP iso,and you have made your own MULTI-OEM Windows XP DVD.
1. I have not included oembios filesets in the “WinXP_MULTIOEM.rar” file.
2. Many thanks to “xehter” of msfn,Freestyler,and mr_smartepants of siginet for all their explainations and clarification without which this method would not have been possible.
3. Sometime,if your bios have more than ONE slp strings,the “oemscan.exe” will match the first foung slp string in your bios and insert those filesets.One way to circumvent this is that you put those line in the “oemscan.ini” whose filesets you want to be inserted.


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