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  • Abbreviated CWM, ClockworkMod was one of the first custom recoveries to be made available for a wide array of Android devices. Like all custom recoveries, ClockworkMod can be used to perform NANDroid backups, apply third-party modifications to Android, or install a custom ROM. A text-based interface for executing tasks.

CM2 Dongle is used to free diversity of phones, such as Samsung, ZTE, PCD, BMOBILE, NYX, among others MTK, SPD, and QUALCOMM. Automatic determination of phone structure allows performing service operations with phone models not included in the list. All that is needed in this case is to find the pin configuration and be sure that the phone is based on the MT62xx processor. In the affirmative case, you can perform flash/ release/repair operations in this model.

OthersClockworkmod others driver windows 10

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Clockworkmod Others Driver Support

Nov 13, 2014 Reactions: yannbonnamy, san4oys63, milkafreek and 202 others. Decatf Senior Member. There is no other driver. Install clockworkmod 6.0.6.

Clockworkmod Others Driver

Specifications of CM2 Dongle

  • This tool is complete to give technical service to several brands.
  • This tool releases directly, including models such as the new NYX SHADE or the Batmobile AX1015.
  • This tool is easy to use.
  • This tool repairs your phone when it has FRP or has lost the signal.
  • This service is easy to use; you only use a computer with “Windows.”
  • This tool is complete for MTK, SPD and QCOM support.
  • Make sure you know what you are buying.

Clockworkmod Others Driver Vs

Install CM2 Dongle Driver

Clockworkmod Others Driver Windows 10

Without the driver, the CM2 dongle will not work perfectly. Download CM2 dongle driver from here. After downloading, install it on your pc. Of the driver doesn’t work properly, uninstall it. Restart your PC and re-install it. Hope that it will work. This driver supports 32 bit and 64 bit all operating system excluding windows vista.

What’s new in CM2 Dongle Latest Setup File?

Chinese miracle version 2 (CM2) dongle box comes with the new advanced feature. It supports all smartphones. Recovery mode added. Fast flashing stock ROM of MTK and SPD devices. The first time you start the device with a new ROM, you will notice that there is no application pre-installed from Google. Therefore the application par excellence to get other apps (Google Play) will not be either. This is because they are not open source applications. But calm if you’ve got here is going to be very simple.

Download Cm2 Dongle Smart Card Driver

CM2 dongle smart card is easy to use. You need a driver to run the smart card. Download Cm2 Dongle Smart Card Driver from here. By using a smart card, you can complete your task quickly. In the web, maximum websites provide spam links. So, be alert from danger.

Clockworkmod Others Driver Review

How to flash a ROM with CM2 dongle crack

The following procedure is for flashing with ClockworkMod Recovery, but the steps are very similar in any other custom Recovery, saving small differences in the names of the options. If the Recovery is tactile you do not need to move through the menus with the volume buttons, touch to select an action.

Clockworkmod Others Driver Utility

  • Download the ROM and place it in the internal memory or on the SD card.
  • Enter Recovery mode by pressing the key combination (volume up + on or volume up + on + start).
  • Make a backup: enter ‘Backup and Restore’ and select ‘Backup.’ Wait until it is finished and return to the main menu.
  • Delete the data of all the caches: select the options of ‘wipe data,’ ‘wipe cache’ and ‘wipe cache’ one after another and wait for a process to finish before starting with the next one.
  • Go to ‘install zip from sd card’, select ‘choose zip from sd card’ and choose the file with the ROM that you copied in step 1.
  • Wait for the process to finish and restart the smartphone with ‘reboot now.’ The first start may take longer than normal. If after about 15 minutes it does not start, repeat the process from the first step.


CM2 dongle is better and safe than other flashing tools. This tool helps you to install custom ROM easily. If for some reason you want to go back to the ROM you had before you have to enter the custom Recovery and go to ‘Backup and Restore’ and select ‘Restore.’

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